September 4, 2010


Just wanna share something about what I had this morning. I was in front of the television watching a film from the 2003 on channel 2, it's about this Emy and Vincent, they were bestfriends since college. Vincent is a happy go lucky bloke, good looking, a heartthrob but lazy, he comes from a wealthy family while emy is a not so pretty woman, a workaholic, responsible, a kind person and she's always been there for vincent every time he asks for help. They both like each other but they are afraid of admitting it to themselves. While I was watching the movie, I just remembered my friend, a college friend too. She's like emy for me because she's always there for me when I need her time. She doesn't even dare to refused from the favors that I asked from her. I was teasing her before telling her that she like me and she was like "No Way!" hahahaha! Until now we're still a very good friend to each other and she planned to work abroad for a better future. My plans? Maybe, I'll just stay here for awhile and I still need to plan for myself. By the way, the title of the movie was "Kung Ako Na Lang Sana" starred by Aga Muchlach and Sharon Cuneta. LOL! Baduy!

Check out the music video below and fall in Love with your bestfriend:


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