September 29, 2010

Mark Zuckerberg Comic Book

From being the creator of facebook, on the big screen then comic book, we can now follow the real deal about the two sides of Mark Zuckerberg. The good side, a heroic character who recently donated $100 million to schools in Newark and the darker side of Zuckerberg and the more cutthroat tactics he used to make his way to the top of the social networking kingdom.The biographical comic book for Zuckerberg is called "Mark Zuckerberg: Creator of Facebook"

According to Bluewater Productions, the comic book will be publish this coming december in a 48 page giant sized issue priced at $6.99. Written by Jerome Maida and penciled by Sal Field, with cover art by Michal Szyksznian, it will be available from comic book stores and online retailers. Bluewater Productions was responsible for telling the stories of celebrities including William Shatner and Vincent Price in the past. 

Check out Zuckerberg's home:


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