September 16, 2010

SEO: Free Passes to SEMCON 2010

I would love to attend the 4th SEMCON 2010 on October 7 - 8, 2010 held at Hotel Intercontinental, Makati City, Philippines but unfortunately I can't afford to pay for the registration because I'm really broke right now, totally. The registration will cost me 12,000 pesos for 2 days inclusive of meals and conference kit or 7, 000 pesos for 1 day inclusive of meals and conference kit. Where can I get that instant 12k or 7k? Rob a bank or Hijack a tourist bus and demand for my registration fee?!(LOL!). But as I was lurking the net, blog walking, looking for some interesting stuff, I bumped on yugatech's site and saw this Free Passes to SEMCON 2010 contest and I was like wow! I just had a big smile and I decided to join. Yugatech will be giving away 3 passes! woohoo! I eagerly want to join the SEMCON 2010 Conference because I need to learn more about SEM; to boost up my online marketing strategy; on how can I achieve a huge number of traffic and to be a more competitive, credible and to best of what I can be in the field of SEO.

Fellow bloggers, Join Now! Please see details below:

The mechanics goes like this:

Twitter Pass - Just tweet about the conference in the most creative way. In under 140 characters, write the most catchy or most witty Tweet about SEMCON 2010. Include this URL ( and this hashtag (#semcon) in your Tweet. Don’t forget to follow @semconph on Twitter!

Facebook Pass - Share and comment about this event on Facebook. Just share this URL ( on your Facebook Wall and include a comment with 1 or 2 sentences.

Blogger Pass - If you have a blog, Tumblr or any blogging account, just write a short entry about the event and answer this title question — 3 Reasons Why I want to go to SEMCON 2010. Include a link to as well.

For more details visit YUGATECH

Check out the official website

I'm really hoping that I can win one of the passes, fingers crossed!


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