December 22, 2010

Movie: Senior Year

I just remembered when I was still in my high school year during a graded recitation, the common question being asked was, "What will you become 10 years from", and I always say, "I think 10 years from now, I will be a successful business tycoon with a happy family of my own blah blah etc" hahahaha! sadly, I'm not that there yet. But it's not too late, I will still pursue of what I wanted before.

Check out this trailer below, the movie is about life in school to present days. Let's start reminiscing a lot things from our Senior Years.   

HIGH SCHOOL, Is it the Best Years of Our Lives?

"Some of us Look to the Future, Some of  us Look to the Past. But in High School, some of us Look like This"

Digitank Studios and Metric Films present SENIOR YEAR

Written, edited, scored, mixed and directed by Jerrold Tarog
Produced by Franco Alido

Starring Che Ramos, LJ Moreno, Ramon Bautista, RJ Ledesma, Ina Feleo, Arnold Reyes, Dimples Romana, Aaron Balana, Celina Peñaflorida, Rossanne de Boda, Eric Marquez, Nikita Conwi, Mary Lojo, Daniel Lumain, Sheila Bulanhagui, Francez Bunda, Daniel Medrana

Executive producer: Evelyn Alido
Director of photography: Mackie Galvez
Production design: Benjamin Padero
Line producer/assistant director: Bianca Balbuena
Associate producer: Beverly Tañedo
Sound recordist: Nicholas Varela  


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