December 17, 2010

So who is it gonna be?

"I'am one of many people who is a sucker for romance, easily get swept away with cheesy and mushy sentiments. loves love and yes, also addicted to it. but at some point in your life, just when you thought everything is in its place, perfect and unbreakable- someone new comes along. then you lose focus, you bend rules and you get hyped.

If you have been with someone for the longest time, you tend to get used to the idea of being with that person for the rest of your life. who knows you inside and out w/no pretensions. this is the person who understands you even without words. the one you have long term goals with. The one you want to marry and spend the rest of your life. all of us has made the right choice of choosing who to be with. this someone has once become your prince charming and you his princess.. like ariel and eric in little mermaid or maybe even like shrek and fiona. this is the perfect setting. just the two of you together. no boundaries. no complications. 

But when you have been the most faithful and loyal partner on earth, when you despise people who doesn't stick to one or when you whole heartedly thought you knew yourself better than anyone else, sworn to all the angels in heaven that you'd never cheat- you suddenly become the very thing you were mocking. the new one comes along. everything starts to change. life becomes technicolor. then you start to ask questions like why is it so hard to decide on something you want so bad just because you're gonna hurt someone else? or why is it so unselfishly selfish to just think of yourself when you're caught up in the middle? or why is it so frustrating, it freaks you out and make you sick? the new one gives you more adventure. more fun and more life to live. 

It's hard to choose from someone you're used to vs someone that's new who is making everything worth while. he may have knocked on your heart at the wrong time, or showed up in the most unlikely moment but whatever the situation may have been, you were still swept away. its a battle whether to take one step back at your fast paced life just be with the one you're with now or run towards the new one and start a new life. its hard if you have to decide to choose who is the one that gets away. when life pushes you to the toughest situation like this, there is no manual to read on how to get out of it alive. we rely on instincts and right judgement. but what if you're heart and mind doesn't say the same thing? its funny how they say to always follow your heart but the real deal is, the reason why your brain is on top is because that's the one who has enough clear reasons for you to make a decision. so who is it gonna be? is it gonna be the one who you've put up with for so long or is it that someone that came along at the wrong time but you have all the right feelings for?" 

*A letter of a friend for her special someone


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