December 9, 2010

Spam Text Messages

I've been receiving several text the other day and until now, it's from this company asking if I'm interested to apply for their company as Customer Service Representative or a Technical Support. I already had their message the Nth times! (LOL I'm just exaggerating, 6 times), the last message was this morning, same message content. 

"Hi, how are you? This is D of C******** Makati (Glorietta 5). I just want to ask if you are interested to apply in C******** Makati as a Customer Service Representative or Technical Support if so, please send me your complete name, birthday and school graduated from through 0922*******. I can schedule you right away for an interview, If your application has already been processed in the last 30 days, please disregard this message."

How about you guys? Do you received such text messages too?


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