February 26, 2015

WD Partakes in Blogopolis: Shifting Gears

WD participates in the country’s biggest blog and social media conference, Nuffnang Philippines’ Blogopolis 2015, held on February 21, 2015 at the DusitThani Hotel, Makati City.

Dubbed as “Shifting Gears”, the Blogopolis event is poised to gather people from different walks of life with varied hobbies and interests as they get inspiration in the blogosphere and updates about online trends from the country’s most influential bloggers and media personalities.

WD is supporting this annual event by showcasing its latest product portfolio, offering product consultation and photo booth opportunities. WD is also giving away freebies and merchandise to visitors of WD booth.

Blogging with WD

Blogging is all about sharing anything under the sun to your readers, be it your personal experience or random fun at your professional atmosphere, or any other exciting topics you deem important to be documented and shared. Be it fashion, travel, fitness, entertainment or sports, your blog posts are sure to be more exciting with captivating photos and amazing videos!

For those bloggers who have passion for fashion and would not last a day without capturing their stunning Outfit Of The Day or OOTDs, WD’s My Passport Wireless is the best choice! One may store photos in this handy and fashionable hard drive without the hassle of cords. Prices start at PHP 9,590 for 1 TB and PHP 11,990 for 2 TB.

Gamers and techie people will never let their files go constrained. That is why WD has designed hard drives that are worthy of this rule! With its WD Red 5TB (model #: WD50EFRX), you have the convenience to store your always updating files! Red 5TB is priced at PHP 10,950, while 6 TB (model #: WD60EFRX) is priced at PHP 13,400.  WD Red takes pride in its network attached storage (NAS) system. For other options, WD Red Pro boasts of its 16-bay high capacity performance. WD Red Pro 2 TB (model #: WD2001FFSX) is priced at PHP 6,995, 3 TB (model #: WD3001FFSX) is priced at PHP 8,850 and PHP 11,550 for 4 TB (model #: WD4001FFSX) respectively.

For the on-the-go bloggers who wish to widen their video library, store clips for a long period of time and access these files conveniently everywhere, WD My Cloud and WD My Cloud EX2 are the right options. WD My Cloud’s prices range from PHP11, 490 for 4 TB,PHP8, 990 for 3 TB and PHP 7, 490 for 2 TB, while WD My Cloud EX2’s prices range from PHP 17, 990.00 for 4 TB, PHP 22,990.00 for 6 TB and PHP 28,990 for 8 TB. 

As the revolutionary world of media and online world continue to grow, WD is always prepared to shift its gears to give the best storage solution that every enthusiast can ever have.

How about you? What's your BACKUP PLAN?

February 25, 2015

Manila Shakespeare Company: Romeo & Juliet with a Twist

Are you a William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet fan? Well check this out, a 21st century treatment of Shakespeare's immortal love story of clans at war, defying conventions, and believing in love in the hands of the Manila Shakespeare Company.

Nelsito Gomez & Rachel Coates

Set in our own present day Manila, the production explores the psychology of extreme circumstances breeding extreme behaviour. Romeo and Juliet are two isolated youths who join forces to break free of the madness and repression around them as their friends and family threaten to kill one another in the streets. But even these bloody motives become clearer as the play unfolds and we discover that Romeo and Juliet are not the only star-crossed players on this stage. 

The famous balcony scene during the press preview. Nelsito Gomez (Romeo) & Rachel Coates (Juliet)

Firmly believing in both a reverence for the author and irreverently celebrating his work, the Manila Shakespeare Company aims to make Shakespeare immediate yet universal for its Filipino audience. In doing so, it has enlisted a myriad of talents to tell this oft-told story in a vital, refreshing way. Rising theatre star Nelsito Gomez takes on the challenging role of Romeo alongside newcomer Rachel Coates in the equally challenging role of Juliet, both of them bringing a very deliberate, star-defying resolve to characters often dismissed as weak-willed victims.

Surrounding the lovers is a diverse ensemble of veterans and theatre stalwarts. Veterans Meynard Penalosa and Issa Litton head the Capulet family as members of the social elite harbouring dark secrets. Crossover artist Jonas Gruet plays their hot-tempered, territorial nephew, Tybalt. Actress and writer Katski Flores portrays Shakespeare's greatest yaya in Juliet's nurse.

The side of the Montagues features Shakespeare enthusiast Micko Yabut as the irrepressible Mercutio, musical theatre actress Tricia Torres as a gender-switched Benvolia, and relative newcomer Mano Domingo as a fatherly Friar Laurence.

Rounding out the cast are theatre regular James Stacey as Paris and the Prince, and four capable supernumeraries in Steven Conde, Harold Cruz, Janine Tolentino, and Rico del Rosario.

All of these talents come together under the direction of Nicanor P. Campos and his assistant director, Christine Cojuangco

Nicanor P. Campos, Director

Nicanor Campos is primarily an actor. He began performing in high school at International School Manila and went on to play some of his best roles at Boston University, where his love of Shakespeare was also primarily nurtured. Nic made his debut in Shakespeare as Oberon and THeseus in A Midsummer Night's Dream with BU Stage Troupe. He went on to play lear in a remake of the tragedy entitled "Queen" Lear, where the protagonist was re-envisioned as a gender-confused man. In short order, this "controversial" performance was followed by Hamlet with the Calliope Players, Paris in Romeo and Juliet with the BU Shakespeare Society, Aaron the Moor in in Titus Andronicus (Calliope Players), Richard III (BUSS), and Silvius in As YOu Like It (BUSS). After graduating from BU, Nic appeared one last time on a Boston stage with the Independent Drama Society in an eight person punk rock Romeo and Juliet as Gregory, Mercutio, and Friar Lawrence.

Since moving back to Manila in late 2010, Nic not only began as a professional actor, but began teaching a critical thinking class and directing school plays for the Aguinaldo International School. His professional resume continues to feature notable performances of Shakespeare such as Claudio/Don Pedro in Much Ado About Nothing (UpStart Productions), Malvolio in Twelfth Night (METTA Assumption), and most recently Petruchio in The Taming of the Shrew (Ephesus Teatron).

Shakespeare happens to find Nic even for small performance. Earlier last year, he played Benedick in a highly abridged version of Much Ado About Nothing offered by 9Works Theatrical for the British Festival and even had a one night stint as Shakespeare himself for an evening of Songs and Sonnets for Philippine Opera Company.

Nic's favorite non-Shakespearean roles include Horton the Elephant in Seussical, the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz, The Cheshire Cat/Mock Turtle in Alice in Wonderland, Romainville in Ring 'Round the Moon, and Geppetto in Pinocchio.

He has taken acting and voice workshops with Ana Valdez-Lim, Anton Juan, Bill Atwood and Banaue Miclat-Janssen. 

Romeo and Juliet will be Nic's professional directional debut.


See you at the theatre on February 27, March 5, or March 6 at Teatrino in Greenhills! Dinner will be served at 6:30pm followed by the performance promptly at 8:00pm.

For tickets and inquires please text/call 0939-5969250 or send an email at mnlshakesco@gmail.com. 

Follow MSC on Facebook for updates: 
Manila Shakespeare Company.

February 23, 2015

That Thing Called Tadhana Tour Cost

Where do broken hearts go can they find their way home back to the open arms of a love that's waiting there...I bet you're singing it right now hahaha! "Where Do Broken Hearts Go?" popularized by Whitney Houston is the soundtrack of the most talked about film today, That Thing Called Tadhana. 

That Thing Called Tadhana is starred by Angelica Panganiban and JM de Guzman. It's about a story of Mace (Angelica) and total stranger Anthony (JM) who are both despair out of love, they form a fascinating friendship that will take them go on a travel together to Baguio and Sagada in their attempts to mend each other's hearts.

I think all of us have seen the movie in theaters and on torrent sites and for sure you're wondering if how much will it cost you from the airport, taxi ride to the restaurant then karaoke and travel in Baguio, Sagada and Mt. Kiltepan to probably do a sole searching?? LOL! and ride back home..

Check out the The cost of Tadhana below: (image source: INQ)

That Thing Called Tadhana Tour Cost

Watch That Thing Called Tadhana, it's a feel good movie most specially to people who are heart broken. The movie will make you laugh, cry and will let you realize that someone is better.

February 12, 2015

A Date to Remember at Victoria Court #VCExperience

Are you looking for a place to celebrate Valentine's Day weekend? Look no further, Victoria Court is offering a special package that will fit into your budget.

For as low as Php 2,299 you will get a 12 hour stay in any deluxe room, a set meal for 2 and a choice between a couple shirt or a wine as a special gift. You may also opt to get a suite room for only Php 2,999!

What are you waiting for! Call now! 0917-9810084

Visit Victoria Court Official Website

February 9, 2015

#DiscoverLotusBiscoff: Every Coffee Cup Needs A Lotus

I absolutely love the aroma of coffee, especially in the morning and in the afternoon at work, when it’s just about siesta time during the weekends. Yes! I'm a Certified Coffee Lover and I'm excited about Lotus Biscoff, Europe’s Favorite Biscuit with Coffee and it has finally arrived in the country, and it is going to elevate your coffee experience to a whole new delicious level.

Hosted by Daphne-Osena Paez, the launch was held at the posh Society Lounge in Makati, transformed into a luxurious red airport lounge. Guests with their boarding passes cued in airport terminals for check-in. Attendants, clad in designer Pia Gladys Perey, greeted them upon arrival. A truly first class experience, overflowing coffee was served by Allegro Beverage Corporation upon seating and dishes were carefully prepared by Chef Patrice Freuslon. As the program started, everyone was just about excited as Fly Ace Corporation President Jun Cochanco and Lotus Bakeries International Distributors General Manager Bart Bauwens who shared how the partnership started and their plans for Lotus Biscoff in the country.

A highlight of the event is the Biscoff Creations of Tiny Kitchen’s Vicky Veloso-Barrera. Her interpretation of the Lotus Biscoff biscuits and spreads include Mini Biscoff Cinnamon Rolls, soft bread glazed with Lotus Biscoff spread and topped with toasted almonds. Mini Biscoff Cupcakes is a perfect recipe for first-time cupcake bakers as its main ingredient is a simple dollop of Lotus Biscoff Spread Crunchy and Biscoff crumbs. Another creation is the Crazy Biscoff Parfait, a lavish dessert of sponge cake, mascarpone, and Lotus Biscoff Spread Smooth.

Discover Lotus Biscoff for yourself. Take a bite of the deliciously crunchy Lotus Biscoff caramelized biscuit with your next cup of hot coffee. Since 1932, this Belgian specialty has been Europe’s coffee break favorite.  From its humble beginnings as a small bakery in the Belgium town of Lembeke, the Boone brothers packed their biscuits and delivered around the neighborhood. Eight decades later and the recipe still remain. It was in the 1950s when Lotus introduced pairing these biscuits with coffee, which then became a routine in Belgian hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops. And then, in 1985, Europe’s favorite biscuit with coffee became America’s favorite biscuit with air travel. Lotus introduced Biscoff as an in-flight treat through the exhausting long flights. It became a welcome mid-flight break that reminded fliers of the comforts of home and helped them relax. Lotus is still offered in Delta Air Lines (US), Brussels Airlines (Belgium), Middle East Airlines (Lebanon) and El Al (Israel).

The unique taste of Lotus Biscoff comes from the sugar’s caramelization during the baking process. A hint of cinnamon and other spices add that special twist.  If these crunchy biscuits do not satisfy your craving, then you wouldn’t be able to resist Lotus Biscoff spread. The sweet, creamy, European spread is an alternative to nut butters and chocolate spreads. It is the only spread made with original Biscoff cookies. Have it straight from the jar, lather it on toast, mix it with fruit slices, or add it as a secret ingredient to your favorite recipes. Both the cookies and the spread are made with no artificial color or preservatives, 0 grams trans-fat per serving and zero cholesterol. It has no nuts and is completely non-GMO. Lotus Biscoff biscuits and spreads are just the perfect treat for the timeout that you deserve.

Fly Ace Corporation Product Manager Emie San Beda invited everyone to discover Lotus Biscoff, “Filipinos love coffee and we can see this in the variety of artisanal and commercial coffee shops. We love sharing this experience with friends and family, talking over sips of coffee and a bite of Lotus Biscoff will surely make it even more memorable.” Just as its European counterpart, Lotus Biscoff will be doing massive sampling in coffee shops all over the country, as well as in premium lifestyle events were coffee is enjoyed.

Learn more about Lotus Biscoff:

February 5, 2015

CBTL Caring Cup: Paint the Town Red This Valentine's! #brew2015 #caringcup

Looking for something meaningful to do this Valentine's? Spend the day with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and the children of Aime Home!

February 2, 2015

Baguio Tree Top Adventure: Experience the Extreme! #TreeTopPH

Looking for an EXTREME adventure and relaxation experience? Look no further because Tree Top Adventure Baguio will give it to you - the only motorized zipline in the Philippines and the only Team Building facility in Baguio. With seven outdoor activities and team building facilities, located within Camp John Hay, surrounded by pine trees and overlooking breathtaking views, Tree Top Adventure Baguio offers an adventure of a lifetime.

photo credits: crispypataatkarekare.com

For the thrill seekers who want to experience extreme adventure, you might want to experience our Tree Drop in which you’ll be suspended 60 feet above the ground, mission impossible style and you’ll be falling as fast as 2 to 3 seconds. This Tree Top’s most extreme activity costs Php 150.00 only and this is one way to really quench your thirst for adrenaline rush. You might also want to try our rides done in pairs: the Superman Ride and Silver Surfer. As the name implies, you’ll be ziplining, Superman Style, 200 meters long, 150 feet above the ground, but instead of doing it just forwards, you would also be ziplining backwards. Silver Surfer is a 60 degree diagonal motorized zipline in which you’ll be standing on a specialized platform and you’ll be gliding up and down for three cycles. Expect that there would be stops and swings for every cycle. For Php 300.00 and Php 200.00 respectively, you could experience what superheroes feel as they fly and glide through the air.

For those who want to experience extreme relaxation, you could try the Canopy and Funicular ride which costs Php350.00. The Canopy is similar to the concept of cable cars, but instead, you’ll be seated on cable chairs in which you’ll be transferring from one station to another until you complete all eight stations. When you reach the station four of the Canopy, you would walk for around 2 to 3 minutes to be able to reach the connecting ride of Canopy which is the Funicular ride. This ride is similar to the concept of elevator, but, instead of standing up, you’ll be seated. This is at least a way for you to conquer your fear of heights. But, if you really have extreme fear of heights, you could just avail the Trekking and Skywalk in which you would walk around Tree Top’s area and go up the skywalk area, or the viewing deck in which you could see the mountains of Itogon, Benguet or what they call the old Baguio before. You could stay at the Skywalk areas long as you want to take pictures and feel the cold breeze.

If your company plans to have a convention or seminar at Baguio, you might want to experience our Team Building Activities which includes two high element activities (Tree Drop and Silver Surfer), five low element activities, boodle lunch and facilitators for just Php 800.00 per head only.The activities would really challenge each member and how they work with their workmates. Work and play, as the cliché says!

You might also want to try another branch of Tree Top Adventure Subic located at the JEST Area, Upper Mau Cubi Point Subic Bay Freeport Zone. For more information, you could contact (074) 442-0800 or 0932 404 1112. You could also visit our website www.treetopadventureph.com

To be more updated, you could like our Facebook page www.facebook.com/treetopadventurecamp and follow us on Instagram @tree_top_adventure.


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