April 11, 2015

Indoor Gun Shooting Experience at Stonghand Shooting Range #ShowYourGuns #IamStronghand

We all have our own bucket list, right? On my bucket list, I have listed a lot of things that I need to accomplish before I reach the age of forgotten and one of them is to do gun shooting. It has been my dream to handle a gun and be one of the action stars of the Expendables, LOL! Anyways, last March 21, 2015, I was invited to cover an indoor shooting range by RMDC at Stronghand Shooting Range located in Quezon City. 

I was very excited, left the office early (that was Saturday, and yes we have office work and it sucks!) and I was the first one to arrived at the venue but I don't mind because all I think about is; what kind of gun will I be using, how many and what kind of bullets, how will I handle it etc.

Anyways, while waiting for the others, one of the staff started a tour with me.

First stop, is their KISS KISS BANG BANG Cafe. Due to excitement, I forgot to eat lunch LOL! I decided to check on their menu and it actually looks good but unfortunately I didn't get to try their food because I don't have that much cash with me and they don't accept credit card.


Second stop, is their function rooms that can accomodate small and large groups. 


Third stop, is their friendly staff and well ventilated shooting range. 


and lastly, lockers for your stuff.


Before we started with the indoor shooting, we had an hour orientation from Sir Benjamin Aura, a certified NROI Range Officer and PPSA Member about The Proper and Practical Pistol Course. Check out the 6 minutes clip below.

Courses Offered:

Basic (1 Session)
4 Rules of Gun Safety
Proper Handling
Foundations Skill

Advance (5 Sessions)
Fast Target Acquisition
Timed Shooting
Twin Taps
Target Traverse, Multi Target
Range Commands & IPSC
Stong & Weak Hand
Quick Reloading
Draw & Fire

Sessions are assessed on a "Need" Basis

Promo for the Ladies:
Ladies Shoot Wednesdays

50% off on Guest Range Fee for Lady Shooters every Wednesday

Stonghand Shooting Range
Non-Toxic Range

Operating Hours:

Monday to Saturday 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Sunday 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

1660 La Defense Bldg. E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue
Cubao, Quezon City

Contact Numbers: 721-7174/0927-4243855

Email Address: shootingrange@stronghandinc.com

GOVERNMENT ID is required

Follow Stronghand Shooting Range for updates:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Stronghand-Shooting-Range/162468330444571
Instagram: http://www.intagme.com/stronghand/
Official Website: http://stronghandshootingrange.com/

I had a great time that day with the co bloggers who also attended the session. It taught me a lot of things such as proper handling, how to put the bullets, proper standing position and how to be a responsible citizen when owning a gun. It is really an amazing experience and I think I will be back for more! LOL! 

The Gun Set - HS XP Point and Shoot Semi-Automatic 9mm Pistol

I would like to thank Jinky Monsanto Tallod of RMDC for inviting me. RMDC is a full-service digital marketing creative agency that connects brands with consumers.  They are located in La Defense, 1660 E.Rodriguez Sr. Avenue, 1111 Quezon City, Philippines. 

You can check them out on: 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/RMDC/681907795261585 or 
Official Website: http://www.wearermdc.com/


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