October 18, 2017

Food Delivery Trends Among Students Revealed

It’s no surprise how much students love food but what cuisines are really getting their tastebuds tingling, and encouraging them to order in? And is there any difference between the way students order on a regular day of study compared to during the exam period?

We’ve analyzed student eating habits from all foodpanda markets, including 8 countries and 17 universities from around the globe*.

One of our major findings is that there is a growing popularity among students to order more. Due to the rise of food delivery within the food sphere, it’s never been easier for students to order good food from their favourite restaurant and foodpanda makes this far more achievable than it perhaps once was.  

So what foods are encouraging students to join our foodpanda platform and start dining in?

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foodpanda is a global company, so when we assessed data from every country, we didn’t know how varied the favourite cuisines would be. As it turned out, Chinese food is overwhelmingly the number one cuisine globally, with 24% of total orders. It’s even more appreciated in Hong Kong’s Polytechnic University, where every fourth order (25%) is Chinese food. 

The second and third most ordered foods are Italian and Thai food, with 18% and 12% respectively. Taiwanese students at Shih Hsin University are all about Italian pastas and salads, which amount to 28% of total orders and students from Assumption University of Thailand love Thai food (20% of total orders).

But if students are either studying or partying, when are they actually eating? Hunger strikes strongest between 11am and 12pm and 6 and 8pm. Kuala Lumpur and Taipei on the other hand love a good lunch (12 -1pm) and students in Karachi actually have a preference for ordering late dinner between 8 and 10pm. 

The days students are most and least likely to order differ around the world. Bangkok, Hong Kong, Karachi, Singapore and Taipei don’t tend to order on Mondays and Tuesdays, whilst Kuala Lumpur and Manila are least likely to order on Saturdays. It’s only the students of Dhaka who don’t fancy food delivery on Wednesdays. 

Saturday and Sunday are unsurprisingly the day of the lazy order, since Bangkok, Hong Kong, Karachi, Singapore and Taipei all order big on weekends. Students from Manila don’t have time to cook on Mondays and Kuala Lumpur and Dhaka students love to spoil themselves the most on Thursdays and Fridays respectively.

And then we reach exam time. A time which is generally the most stressful period of the year, when students feel the need to relax with a good meal from their favourite restaurants. Seems like 25% of students globally are stress eating Asian/Chinese goodies, especially Singaporeans (23%), Hong Kongers (23%) and Malaysians (16%). Students from Karachi, Dhaka and Manila stay true to their fast food habits and order 56%, 55% and 43% of fast food respectively. Singaporeans and students of Hong Kong prefer Chinese food, with 23% and 20% of orders respectively and Thai students opt for their national thai food during this time, with 17% of total orders. Malaysians and Taiwanese prefer Indian and Italian cuisines with 20% and 18% respectively.

Different countries, different students and different majors, but one common factor -- their strikingly similar eating habits! Nowadays, students live in such a fast-paced environment, where every minute matters, so when they can rely on foodpanda as their personal chef, it makes Uni life all the sweeter!

*Data analysis conducted from January to July 2017, across 8 countries and 17 universities from around the globe.

September 15, 2017

Apple iPhone X versus Competitions Comparison

Check out Apple iPhone X compared against its top of the line high end smartphones competitors: Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Mi Mix 2 and Essential PH-1.

Apple iPhone X versus Competitions Comparison

Are you willing to poop out a $999 for the new Apple iPhone X? 

I think, I'd go with the new Mi Mix 2. How about you? Which do you prefer? Let me know your thoughts on the comment box below.

Infograhics (C): Mashable Tech

September 13, 2017

Apple Drops Price for Older iPhone Models

Apple CEO Tim Cook just revealed the most highly anticipated iPhone X last Tuesday, September 13, 2017, saying that it will set the path of technology for the next decade. "It is the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone."

Aside from the new iPhone X, Apple also unveiled the new iPhone models: iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, 4K Apple TV and the Apple Watch Series 3.

Apple Watch Series 3

And to make way for the new iPhone models, Apple has lowered the price the older iPhone models: iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus.

iPhone SE

  • 32GB – Php22,490 (from Php23,590)
  • 128GB – Php28,990 (from Php29,590)

iPhone 6s

  • 32GB – Php28,990 (from Php31,990)
  • 128GB – Php35,490 (from Php37,990)

iPhone 6s Plus

  • 32GB – Php35,490 (from Php37,990)
  • 128GB – Php41,990 (from Php43,990)

iPhone 7

  • 32GB – Php35,490 (from Php37,990)
  • 128GB – Php41,990 (from Php43,990)

iPhone 7 Plus

  • 32GB – Php42,990 (from Php44,990)
  • 128GB – Php49,490 (from Php50,990)

Hurry! Grab one now!

Source: Apple (Philippines)

September 11, 2017

Photography Secrets Revealed

Everyone loves taking pictures of their food, whether it’s fiddling with filters to enhance images, or using special lenses for professional results - before actually digging in and enjoying a meal. But according to foodpanda, there are several even simpler tips to ensure masterful food photos without having to buy professional gadgets!

What is considered to be most important when taking food photos?

It’s pretty difficult to pinpoint ‘the most important’ aspect to consider when taking photos of food, because a good photo depends on many factors, from lighting and technique to having an aesthetic eye, and of course the food itself. However, one of the most important things to consider is authenticity and to stay true to your individual style. Once you have your own style, you should stick to it, as it will serve as an expression of your personality. 

Do you need a professional camera to achieve the above or can you take cool pictures with a smartphone?

You can certainly achieve all of this with your smartphone! Having a professional camera has great benefits, but you are definitely not limited with a smartphone. If you know what factors to consider when taking pictures, you are guaranteed professional-looking images. You can also always edit pictures with the help of white balance settings or playing with one of the countless photography apps.

Do ingredients play a role in pictures?

That’s a pretty good question, because it doesn’t cross most people’s minds, but the contents of the dish do play a role in photos. There are many dishes that don’t photograph well, so you need to consider adding fresh ingredients that would enhance the picture. The next time you order food that is not photogenic, consider using fresh ingredients with great colours available in your kitchen. Feel free to arrange them nicely and test the angle.

Should you use raw ingredients around the dish in photos. What is the benefit?
Raw ingredients make for great extra props, especially with foods that don’t photograph well. As mentioned, the addition of raw ingredients make the photo look fresh, while bright colours would make your photos pop. 

If a dish looks crowded, will the picture be less appealing?

Yes, simplicity is key. The plate should be nicely arranged and not in an overwhelming way. To help you envision what that means, think about how you can keep the outer white space of the plate clear. I would suggest to just use a small portion of your meal to take the photo, and then later on enjoy it in its entirety!

What about including hands in the photo? Is that a no-go?

Adding a human element to your pictures actually makes for a good picture, as it shows viewers that you are taking the picture from your own point of view and creates a sense of presence. You could take a picture holding cutlery, or you could simply lay your hand on the side. Holding ingredients in hand (rosemary, cranberry etc.) is a great idea. Just test the angles and you’re sure to take a perfect shot!

What are the best angles to use when taking food pictures?

Angles are the visual language connecting you and your audience, and my two favourite are the top angle and the front angle. Of course, there a lot of different angles that work, but these are my personal favorite when taking food pictures.  

And is there any necessity for professional gadgets? 

If you’re not a professional photographer, it’s not necessary to invest in technical additions. Improvisation couldn’t be easier! Here are some super helpful tips: 

  • Decorate - use a wooden board to place your food, white baking paper or paper bag as a background, even spread some baking powder around for that extra effect!
  • Use a napkin to take out excess oil from some dishes - oily dishes don’t photograph well and it will taste just the same
  • Put your food close to a window. Natural lightning is key to the having best pictures
  • Don’t have a selfie stick to take pictures from a high angle? Stand on a chair! 
  • Use styrofoam as a substitute for reflectors, they work wonders!
  • Set the focus point correctly on the main dish - simply click on the screen of your mobile phone

Any obvious tips? Golden rules?

It might seem obvious, but it needs to be said that you should always keep the plate clean, especially when shooting close-ups. If there are smudges or imperfections, it would make the food look unappealing. Another tip would be to set up your perfect shot before your meal arrives -- food comes last in the composition process. Lastly, arrangement is a golden rule, as it is the key to a successful picture. 

Food photography ultimately amounts to your interaction with your meal. Specific arrangements, differing camera angles, the use of natural lighting, and the human element are just some of the things to consider. This process takes time and postpones the moment of eventually taking that very first bite of a delicious meal. But the anticipation makes this experience all the greater, so take out your camera and enjoy snapping some cool shots using the above tips. Just don’t let that meal get too cold!

August 21, 2017

The Old Spaghetti House Anniversary Special Pasta All You Can!

Craving for pasta? Well, say no more! Head on to The Old Spaghetti House as they will be celebrating their 14th anniversary with a BANG! From September 4 until September 29, 2017, they give you, PASTA ALL-YOU-CAN!

You can enjoy 6 new different pasta dishes for only Php189+!

  • Vietnamese Garlic with Tuna
  • Pesto
  • Kid’s Spaghetti
  • Carbonara
  • Bolognese
  • Chicken and Mushroom
Available in all TOSH outlets every Monday-Friday from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM! Yes! You heard that right! ALL TOSH OUTLETS NATIONWIDE! So ready your breadbasket for a month of unlimited pasta goodness!

August 18, 2017

S&R New York Style Pizza Widest Delivery in Metro Manila via foodpanda

No cover ups. No frills. Just a bigger and better promise of the good old, cheesy and giant S&R Pizza delivering to most parts of Metro manila.

Yes, we’ve heard it before, the long lines are making you drool over your favorite S&R New York Style Pizza even more. And though it is definitely worth the wait, some of us may not just have the time and especially the patience to do it. Fret no more because S&R recently joined the long list of foodpanda’s restaurant partners making their in demand, enormous pizzas available even in the farthest corners of the Metro.

You definitely need no membership card to get ahold of the most coveted comfort food in town, just download the app or visit foodpanda Philippines’ website and click away! You can choose from four different flavors: Pizza Combo Whole which has pepperoni, beef, green bell pepper, onions, olives, and a whole lot of cheese!, Pizza Garlic Shrimp with generous sprinkles of shrimps over loads and loads of cheese, enticing polka-dotted pizza dough called Pizza Pepperoni, and if you are a die hard cheese fan, you can indulge with their Pizza Cheese Whole.

Complementing their pizza line are other comfort food items like S&R Fried Chicken, Cheeseburger, Pure Beef Hotdog Sandwich, Chicken Caesar Salad, and French Fries. S&R may be the Holy Grail   for   bulk-buying   grocery   items   but   it’s   slowly   proving   to   be   more   than   just   that.   The membership-shopping club’s food court is the favorite aspect of the warehouse for many shoppers. In addition to the great low price, S&R New York Style Pizza’s also known for their enormous servings. From their tasty FS Pure Beef Hotdog to their cheesy 18” Combo Pizza, it’s definitely a great deal. Thank heavens they’r now in foodpanda.

foodpanda,  #YourFoodDeliveryApp,  is  one  of  the  world’s  leading  online food ordering and delivery platform that enables restaurants to become visible to mobile app and web users. It is headquartered in Berlin (Germany) and powered by tech giant Delivery Hero. The foodpanda app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Its interface offer convenience and extensive food options to busy and hungry customers. foodpanda entered the Philippine market in 2014 and now partnered with nearly 2000 restaurants to provide unprecedented access to great food options in key cities and urban centers. Visit www.foodpanda.ph or download the app to order!

August 14, 2017

Social Media: A Powerful Tool to Build Your Career

How many times have you checked your social media accounts today? For most of us, it's a reflexive habit. Waiting for a friend? Check Facebook. In line at the DMV? Catch up on Twitter. Need a five-minute break at work? Scroll through Instagram. Keeping in touch with friends and maintaining connections has become an involuntary action. Social media touches almost every aspect of human life--but are you using it to its full potential?
Using Social Media to #GetHired? It Happens!
We use social media to stay in touch with friends, meet like-minded people, advertise businesses, find events to attend, and even keep up with the news. But even though social media has become an integral part of our social lives, we sometimes forget that it can be used to help advance our careers, too. While it might feel odd to imagine finding a job in your Twitter feed, it's happening more and more. Social media, when used properly, can open the door to hundreds of career opportunities.
Tips for Building Your Network
Until a few years ago, if you wanted to apply for a job, you had to send in your cover letter and resume.
Job hunting is about connecting with the right people and building your personal brand.
Today, the resume is dying out, and many positions don't even ask for a cover letter anymore. Instead, job hunting is about connecting with the right people and building your personal brand. Luckily, if you're on social media, you're already a pro at both of those things--all you need to do is learn how to take advantage of the network you've already built.
1. Advertise Your Experience
You already know you can share your resume on sites like LinkedIn so recruiters can reach out to you. But what about Facebook? Keep your profile updated with your job experience, skills, and educational qualifications, and don't be afraid to let friends know when you're on the job market.
2. Keep Tabs on Your Timeline
Of course, we all know that employers don't just use social media to find candidates--they also use it to perform informal background checks. Make sure to keep tabs on what others can see on your timeline. Set a monthly reminder in your phone to review your profiles and make sure you're projecting the image you want.
Set a monthly reminder in your phone to review your profiles and make sure you're projecting the image you want.
3. Stay in Touch
Prospective employers can use your online presence to learn more about you. But the good news is that it goes both ways: you can learn more about companies and their customers, too. Stay up to date on industry news and keep an eye on the profiles of places you might want to work for. Monitoring their media can help you get a feel for the company, but it also gives you material to bring up in potential job interviews to show that you're engaged.
4. Connect with Innovators
It's not just about digging into someone's profile or checking out someone's resume--you can also use social media to connect directly with like-minded people. Participating in communities like Zillable, an online collaboration network, can help grow your credibility and foster connections with creative thinkers.
Participating in communities like Zillable, an online collaboration network, can help grow your credibility and foster connections with creative thinkers.
Social networks have become such a normal part of our lives that we sometimes forget they're also amazing resources. You might think you're just checking in on Facebook or posting a vacation photo to Instagram, but you're actually building a powerful personal brand. From highlighting your resume on LinkedIn to building contacts with Twitter, social media is an invaluable way to boost your career.

August 1, 2017

How about Churros for your Next Online Food Delivery?

THIS IS NOT A DRILL!! Craving for your favorite churros, but don’t have the will and time to brave the chaos outside? La Lola is now available via foodpanda desktop site and mobile app to serve you happy, messy, and chocolatey smiles!

Since their launch in 2014, La Lola Group has been consistently giving us several Spanish concepts to go loco about, and their churros are definitely not an exemption to this. They played and had fun with the traditional style of serving churros, and introduced a whole new way of appreciating this epic snack-time rock star. 

See: La Lola Churros Menu

We all first fell in love with the classic style that they call Churros Clasicos, which are perfect when dipped in their rich Signature Chocolate sauce. But you can also be adventurous with other dip flavors like Dark Chocolate, Ube, and Matcha. One bite and you’ll know that it’s made from scratch using only the finest ingredients, and served hot and fresh! La Lola’s churros are deep fried in 100% olive oil and are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!

You can also enjoy their Choco Churros, and select from 6 chocolate-flavored coatings like Ube, Dark Chocolate, Strawberry, White Chocolate, Butterscotch, and the crowd-favorite Matcha. Adding up to their foodpanda menu are their Xuxos (stuffed churros) that come with Nutella, Banana Nutella, Speculoos, and Dulce De Leche filling. foodpanda helps in La Lola’s aim to spread happiness and now covers the whole of Metro Manila.

foodpanda is one of the world’s leading online food ordering and delivery platform that enables restaurants to become visible to mobile app and web users. It is headquartered in Berlin (Germany) and powered by tech giant Delivery Hero. The foodpanda app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Its interface offers convenience and extensive food options to busy and hungry customers. foodpanda entered the Philippine market in 2014 and now partnered with nearly 2000 restaurants to provide unprecedented access to great food options in key cities and urban centers. 

Photo Credit: https://www.facebook.com/foodpandaphilippines/
Visit www.foodpanda.ph or download the app to order! (iOS and Android)

June 19, 2017

Zillable Disrupts Enterprise Social Networks with the Launch of Collaboration and Innovation Platform

Zillable launches a secured collaboration and innovation platform that consolidates familiar productivity and collaboration apps for teams of any size.

LOS ANGELES, Calif. June 1st, 2017 Zillable, an innovator in collaboration and innovation, unveils the world’s first collaboration and innovation platform specifically designed for forward-thinking teams and enterprises of 10-10,000 members to collaborate and innovate on any device and from any location.

Productivity and innovation tools, such as: boards, mind mapping, chat, and newsfeeds, are ordinarily one-off apps created by various developers. Zillable offers the enterprise a suite of integrated collaboration and innovation tools on a single platform, specifically designed for organizations to realize new value from diverse employees working across departments and time zones, and to be responsive to disruptive markets.

"Zillable is like your digital coffee shop where teams collaborate and innovate - seamlessly at ease,” Andrew Pham, CEO and Founder of Zillable explained. "The enterprise can create private collaboration networks that dissolve departmental silos and streamline the way employees get stuff done, innovating faster.” Public communication channels may also be employed by the enterprise, engaging the Crowd and fine-tuning predictions for market shifts and internal company strategy.

“Today’s global workforce can’t be constrained by the limitations of conference calls, corporate emails, or video conferences,” Mr. Pham said. “Zillable empowers employees to create and innovate whenever and wherever they need – not just when it fits into someone else’s schedule.”

The Zillable platform effectively merges social media with enterprise collaboration workspaces and business productivity apps, such as boards, mind mapping, newsfeeds, and task management. “The autograph of innovation isn’t mysterious,” explains Andrew. “When you get right down to it, innovation happens when you give freedom to your employees to engage, share ideas, and provide them with the productivity tools to help them streamline their workflows.”

Zillable’s disruptive collaboration and innovation platform is designed exclusively for teams and organizations of any size. Free and paid plans are offered, including a basic free plan for unlimited evaluation that includes chat, boards, and other productivity tools at no cost. 

To learn more about Zillable, visit: Zillable.com

About Zillable

Zillable is the world’s first collaboration network where teams can creatively and dynamically work, ideate, and innovate. Teams of any size can engage employees and bridge divides, including partners and customers. Zillable makes work and innovation happen. For more information, please visit Zillable.com.

June 1, 2017

McCormick: A Festival for Fans of Tex-Mex, Filipino, and Off-the-Grill Flavors

Meal recipe mixes are having their moment. And the McCormick Flavor Nation Festival last May 28 from 11 am to 8 pm, Sunday at the BGC Amphitheater is a good place to start, an annual food festival where aficionados and homemakers immerse themselves into a fun, friendly setting with great  food, music, and moments that capture the essence of McCormick’s meal recipe mixes.

Coming off last year’s success, the Flavor Nation Festival features Black Sheep’s Patrick Go, Locavore’s Mikel Zaguirre, Tipple and Slaw’s Francis Lim, and Privatus’ AJ Reyes, four of the best chefs in the business, who all created signature dishes using McCormick’s meal recipe mixes and seasoning blends as the base. Chef Patrick, for example, has whipped up an inspiring Sloppy Joe Bao using Chili Con Mix. The best part? Guests get to watch the chefs do the live cooking demo to show how easy it is to be replicated at home. Guests learned how to recreate chef Francis’ Curry Fried Chicken, chef AJ’s Cajun Shrimp and Corn, chef Mikel’s Kare-kare with Bagoong Glaze, and chef Patrick’s Sloppy Joe Bao.

Chef Aj Reyes’s Cajun Shrimp and Corn

Chef Francis Lim’s Curry Fried Chicken with Coconut Gravy
Chef Patrick Go’s Sloppy Joe

Flavor Nation Festival will also be home to a curated selection of concessionaires (think: Wagyu beef from Primo Wagyu, flavorful pop from Ice Pops MNL, and good-for-you burgers from Down to Earth) to complement the mix of a delicious food culture and innovation being cultivated in the event—not to mention the cheerful melodies of Tandems ’91 and Jensen and the Flips.

The event is co-presented by F&B Report.

May 15, 2017

Fundr Fest presents: GAPalooza

Fundr partnered with Graphic Artists of the Philippines to mount Fundr Fest: GAPalooza.

Have you heard of Custom Thread? They are just what they sound like—and more. They customize threads from T-shirts, uniforms, sportswear, to swimwear. Their services stretch from design creation, high tech production, and for the first time in the Philippines—an online platform for selling apparel.

Fundr is a spin-off of Custom Thread and is the Philippines’ first all-in-one platform for customizing, producing, and selling apparel, is the “answer to everything” for anyone looking to sell apparel. 

Last April 29,2017, they held Fundr Fest: GAPalooza by in our 1,400 sqm. headquarters in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines. Around 250 guests enjoyed live music by Itchyworms, Brisom, Tom’s Story, Tandems ‘91, Extrapolations, Rob and the Hitmen, The Oemons, and Bradley Go. Guests were given a tour on the behind the scenes look into what it takes to make clothes—from our digitally controlled production system, world’s best printing machines, to silkscreen, digital embroidery, and photographic print processes.

How does this work? Think of Fundr as similar to Kickstarter except they don’t just help you raise funds for your clothing; we take care of producing it, collecting your customers’ payments, and shipping orders (locally and globally). 

Visit their online design lab to upload your logo or artwork and see how it looks on a garment. Or, customize a jacket or T-shirt from scratch using our easy-to-follow tools. Set the price for your item. Share the URL of your item. Promote your online store. As customers purchase items, they collect the payments. Track your sales via real time updates. After we’ve shipped all orders, you can then collect your profit.

Fundr is for those who want to get their foot in the door of the apparel business. As long as you’ve got the ideas, they can jumpstart your online store without you having to shell out a big investment. Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? It’s time to put your sketches to life by creating the apparel line you’ve always dreamed of. Raising funds for a charity? Sell some merchandise without having to hire a designer. Promoting your company? Leave the selling to them so you don’t have to keep an inventory. Whether availing of a two-week trial selling one item or a longer period selling multiple items, Fundr let’s you focus on the creative process as we handle what our company has expertly achieved since 2007—pushing the boundaries of creating apparel.

Launch your online store by logging in to www.fundr.ph and follow the steps to “Start a Fundr.”

Fundr Fest was made possible by our partners and sponsors:

Chatime Philippines

Destileria Limtuaco and Company

Alf Scandinavia

Happy Living Fine Wine

Linkage Foods

Smoking J’s


Six Eagles Nest Food Inc.

Indie Manila


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