June 30, 2011

Transformers: Voices

I can't wait to see Transformers Dark of the Moon this weekend in IMAX Theatre! woohoo! So while waiting for Thursday and Friday to pass by, check out the voices behind Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen), Megatron (Hugo Weaving) and the rest of the Autobots and the Decepticons.

June 28, 2011

My Blogger Shirt

Are you a blogger? Yeah! Get one of this blogger shirts from http://www.bloggershirts.com/. It's fun and I'm proud to wear it. I got mine last week for only P270. 

If you have your own pinoy blogger design, I think you can shoot them an email and inform them and they'll handle it just for you. 

Get yours now guys!

Check it out guys!

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Transformers Dark of the Moon Final Trailer

"You may lose your faith in us but never in yourselves from here the fight will be your own", Optimus Prime. 

Yeah! I'm so excited to see you Optimus Prime, Bumble Bee and the rest of the Autobots and Decepticons this weekend July 2, 2011 at IMAX Theater, SM North Edsa. Too bad no more Megan Hot I mean Megan Fox.

By the way, this is embarrassing for me to say because it's my very first time to watch a movie in an IMAX Theater hahahahaha! that's makes it more for fun and exciting.


I know that all of us already saw a lot of this dramatic prenup, marriage proposal videos online etc. but check this out guys! An Inception themed wedding ceremony of Kaycee and Don Laroza, very cool!

June 23, 2011

Stranded and Wet

LOL! Typhoon Falcon gave me my first experience to be stranded for almost 2 hours in the street waiting for a passenger vehicle from home to the office. Falcon's rain was totally heavy that caused flood in some places most specially near our location. I was like whoa! The rain continuously pour as it made the street into river. I took a video on my mobile phone while staring at the flooded street. I decided not to go for work anymore and head back home because I was totally wet (hmmm, that doesn't sound good? eh!) Anyway, as I head back home, the rain stopped LOL! I think Typhoon Falcon just tricked me, he just got me stranded and wet. At home, I just changed clothes and decided to still go for work and here I'm now sharing my wetness stranded etc. blah blah blah! hahahaha! I don't wanna experience anymore!!

Blog Update

Geezzz! I got no updates on my blog hahahahaha! because I'm kinda busy with my work and with my personal life but I'll be updating my blog tomorrow. By the way, I can't upload any pictures here on blogger, is it only me?? Check yours too guys and kindly let me know. 

June 9, 2011

Google's Les Paul

Today, I had fun playing google's logo, a guitar. You can play it on your keyboard, try it guys! It's fun! The funny is, I don't know how to play a guitar! hahahaha! It is actually a tribute to an American jazz and country guitarist, songwriter and inventor, Lester William Polsfuss known as Les Paul. He was a pioneer in the development of the solid-body electric guitar which "made the sound of rock and roll possible". He is credited with many recording innovations. Although he was not the first to use the technique, his early experiments with overdubbing (also known as sound on sound), delay effects such as tape delay, phasing effects and multitrack recording were among the first to attract widespread attention.

His innovative talents extended into his playing style, including licks, trills, chording sequences, fretting techniques and timing, which set him apart from his contemporaries and inspired many guitarists of the present day.He recorded with his wife Mary Ford in the 1950s, and they sold millions of records.

Among his many honors, Paul is one of a handful of artists with a permanent, stand-alone exhibit in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He is prominently named by the music museum on its website as an "architect" and a "key inductee" along with Sam Phillips and Alan Freed. [wiki] Check out some of his videos below.

June 7, 2011

Sa Akin Ang Pinas!

Hahahahahaha! This Pepsi Pinas ad video totally made my day! I was like laughing my ass off! Check it out guys!


Patola Forces SPOG1 (Alvarez) goes head to head with Berdugo ng Barangay Sanggano (Boy Balbon) in an explosive battle for Pinas.
2 men, 1 bottle and an unquenchable thirst for glory. Who will prevail?

Main Cast: Boy Balbon, SPOG1 Alvarez, Pepsi Pinas
Supporting Cast: Ampalaya Goons, Upo Goons, Upo Sniper, Patola Forces
Director: Dhenzel Weta
Writer: Annkor Tis
Film Producer: In The Name of Love Productions
Music Director: Tirso Cruz Diether
Genre: Pinoy Action
Release Year: 2011

For a limited time only, Pepsi Pinas now showing at convenience stores, groceries and Manang's Tindahan.


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