August 21, 2016

Look: Experience P2P Double Decker Bus in Metro Manila

Let’s take a quick look at these P2P double decker buses which was deployed in Metro Manila last July. The initial route is from Glorietta 5 to Trinoma and vice-versa. These P2P double decker bus promises a faster, convenient and comfortable travel experience along for busy EDSA commuters since it doesn't make any stops along it's route, saving minutes of travel time.

Image source: Rappler

It features: PWD access ramp, PWD provision (located at main deck), a 55 Full reclining leather seats with seat belts, overhead storage bins for hand carry baggage, an individual footrests, overhead console; safety glass hammer for emergency, a fire extinguisher under the seat, overhead emergency exit, emergency door valve, a lavatory with portable water access, a bottle or cup holder provision on every seat, cctv cameras and a FREE WIFI!

For a quick tour and feedbacks from a few passengers, check out the video below. 

Have you tried the P2P Double Decker Bus? How was it? Please share your experience on the comment box below.

August 14, 2016

Lazada BIG APP SALE is Coming with Up To 80% off!

With the popularity of the instant hit Pokemon Go, we can definitely see the influence of Mobile Applications in our daily lives.

Just in time: Lazada's Big App Sale is coming next week. A 4-day sale that will feature a lot of amazing deals exclusively available through the Lazada mobile app. 

It will be happening in a week from now, from August 18-21, 2016. Check out the teaser discounted deals below. You'll get up to 80% OFF and it will only be found in the mobile app.


This is really a great deal! Don't miss this opportunity guys! Download the LAZADA Mobile App now! 

August 12, 2016

The Microphone Club: Professionalizing Your PASSION #ProPassion

Let me tell you something about how my Public Speaking works, IT SUCKS! hahahaha! Wayback in college, I participated in a public speaking event during the English Week and it was horrible! I felt really really nervous at that time and I don't even have an idea if I spoke grammatically right or even pronounced the words correctly. But I actually had a great experience in speaking in front of a large audience.

I've been wanting to be confident when speaking in front of people and share a lot of stuff (it's actually one of my frustations). Luckily, an organization can help me deal with my frustation, The Michrophone Club.

The Microphone Club is an organization of Filipino professional mic users designed to advocate the highest ideals and practices of the art of speaking behind the microphone. Built under the premise that “the microphone is the EAR of the listener,” our mission is to hone and develop the skills of our members, enabling them to provide world-class talent and customer service to their clients.

Professional mic users are people whose careers rely primarily on the use of the microphone – voice artists, radio/TV/events hosts, broadcasters, DJ’s, preachers, singers,trainers, tour guides, and public speakers, among many others. Whether you use the mic onstage, in the recording booth, behind the podium, on the radio or even backstage with the technical crew, the Microphone Club is your best resource to learn and share opportunities and best practices for your professional growth.

The Microphone Club is founded by Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales – veteran voice artist, experienced radio broadcaster, internationally-awarded youth advocate, author, and a highly sought-after voice coach, motivational speaker and trainer. For the past 20 years, Pocholo has been utilizing his voice not only for the purpose of entertaining people, but more importantly for inspiring, motivating and empowering particularly the Filipino youth. Pocholo is the CEO/Managing Director of Creativoices Productions, the leading online voiceover services in the country. With his vision to make the Philippines the center of voiceover excellence in Asia, he established (under Creativoices) the Philippine Center for Voice Acting, which has trained over a thousand professional mic users, many of whom are making their names in the fields of voice acting, broadcasting, hosting, training, and public speaking (

The Microphone Club is organizing an event entitled “Professionalizing Your PASSION: #ProPassion”. This event aims to connect all professional mic users with their clients through a fun evening of dining, networking and learning.

Visit for a detailed information about the event.


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