Look: Experience P2P Double Decker Bus in Metro Manila

Let’s take a quick look at these P2P double decker buses which was deployed in Metro Manila last July. The initial route is from Glorietta 5 to Trinoma and vice-versa. These P2P double decker bus promises a faster, convenient and comfortable travel experience along for busy EDSA commuters since it doesn't make any stops along it's route, saving minutes of travel time.

Image source: Rappler

It features: PWD access ramp, PWD provision (located at main deck), a 55 Full reclining leather seats with seat belts, overhead storage bins for hand carry baggage, an individual footrests, overhead console; safety glass hammer for emergency, a fire extinguisher under the seat, overhead emergency exit, emergency door valve, a lavatory with portable water access, a bottle or cup holder provision on every seat, cctv cameras and a FREE WIFI!

For a quick tour and feedbacks from a few passengers, check out the video below. 

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