A Not so Good day :-(

Wow! it's thursday again, the day flew quickly but sadly it is not so good day for me. Things are messed up, why? because poor coordination came along from a team mate.  I'm not carrying my own chair here but informing your team mates regarding some tasks that needs to be done is so easy. It made me frown, pout etc. etc. blah! blah! the half of the shift, I can't even concentrate of what I'm doing but thank God it went well after a good conversation with the rest of the team. The tasks are done smoothly and I would have to say that the "not so good day" for me was gone. Hopefully this won't happen again. I think scenarios like this is very common in a group or team and the only way that it can be prevented  is to have a good coordination and participation with the group, selfish acts must be thrown away.