My Top 5 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010

This sounds cool! I just bumped into this Influential Blogger after hours lurking the net. It says, "Join the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010 Writing Project".  Actually, I already planned to have a post about my favorite blogs before (thanks to influential blogger, I finally made a post about it). The blogs where I keep coming back all the time, looking for new updates about the present times like movies, events, music, people, gadgets and others. I love to be on a blog that talks about movies, video games, gadgets, music, current trends and related to what I do, SEO. Hmmm, how about I participate in this contest at the same time....I just need to do the following: How to participate.

I only have my top 5, check out my list of My Top 5 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010 below:

1. Yugatech - I really like this blog because it gives me a lot of information and reviews about the latest trends on mobile phones, laptops, dlsr cameras, PMP and a lot more.

2. Azrael Merryland - a pop culture blog of Mr. Azrael Coladilla, an events organizer and promoter for pop culture, lifestyle, events, conventions and exhibits. His blog serves as my online magazine because it tackles almost everything from food, movies, events, concerts, blog contest and anything under the sun.

3. Noel Bautista - Making Money Online with Work at Home Dad, a blog that gives me a lot of information (tips, strategies) on how I can make the most out of my blogs, earn a lot from it. Actually, he was one of the speakers during the SEO Camp 2010 last August 28, 2010 held at the UP Balay Kalinaw organized by the SEO Philippines Organization.

4.Coconuter - this blog is about the Adventures of Coconuter (David Poarch (Fil-Am) - A modern Nomad's Travels in the Philippines and Beyond. I keep coming back to this blog because it's like a portal for me, it takes me to places in the Philippines that I've never been. It is also an inspiring blog because of the patriotism of coconuter to think that he grew up in the US.

and last but not the least

5. IronWulf - a blog owned by a Pinoy Backpacker and Adventure Traveler Ferdz Decena, Travel and Photography Blog.  The thing I love about this blog are the photos taken by Ferdz, I was like WOW! everytime I see new photos being posted, photos of his bagpacking experience from different places not just here in the country but outside like macau, singapore and more.

Finally! I'm done :-)

Awts! I forgot to include this movie blog of Jay-Elx :-(

A Movie Blog - started as a personal in September of 2009, this blog already received more than 25,000 hits according to StatCounter. Gained a Pagerank 3 and an Alexa Rank of 5,982 in PH (797,000 Worldwide) It also always at the upper Top 15 of in it's category. With 111 blog post, this blog already received 761 blog comments.

This blog also has premiere night access to Walt Disney Films, Columbia Pictures & Warner Bros movies. Hope you can consider my blog :)