I'm in LOVE with Samsung Galaxy Camera

I'm totally skeptical about buying Samsung's smartphones like Galaxy SIII, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Note 2 etc. because in my head, Samsung is only good at home and entertainment appliances. And to add, I love  my relationship with Sony Ericsson Phones (I currently own a Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S) but today, after seeing the new Samsung Galaxy Camera, that skepticism was blown away. 

The new Samsung Galaxy Camera is totally for a person who loves to take pictures a lot (like me!) and share it instantly via a  third party apps. Third party apps like instagram? facebook? flickr? Yes! you read it right, it's also a

 photo credits: engadget and t3

After watching it's video on youtube, I was like! I WANT this! Now! hahahahaha! Check out the video below guys and see for yourself!