Juanderlust: Travel around the Philippines for FREE to Experience 80 Wonders in 80 Days!

Are you ready to travel around the Philippines to experience 80 wonders in 80 days? Well you better be ready because two accommodation booking websites partner up to launch an online competition to see the Philippines through a brand new perspective.

Juanderlust, one of the biggest online travel competitions to hit the web this year, had its press launch on August 12, 2015. The competition is a tie-up between TravelBook.ph, a hotel booking site in the Philippines, and StopSleepGo, a vacation rental booking site based in the UK and the Philippines. Juanderlust aims to showcase a different side of the Philippines to a global audience by highlighting the country's culture, people, and undiscovered sites.

Various media outlets and travel bloggers gathered at the fifth floor of A Space Manila (110 Legaspi Street, Makati City) to learn more about Juanderlust and witness the official start of signups. Guests were also served a special cocktail called Juanderlust courtesy of Hooch. The drink is made with rum, ginger beer, lime juice, and blue curacao and topped with crushed ice. It may be the closest thing you’ll ever drink that will quench your wanderlust.

Juanderlust is a global online search for the Chosen Juan who will be tasked to explore and rediscover the Philippines in 80 days. From Luzon to Mindanao, the Chosen Juan will go on a big travel adventure, experiencing80 wonders of the Philippines and learning about the country's culture along the way. Juanderlust is open to everyone, so people from all walks of life may send their applications, whether they are students, office workers, seasoned travelers, or backpackers from anywhere around the world.
StopSleepGo.com CEO Nick Hargreaves talks at the Press launch of #juanderlust the biggest travel competition in the Philippines.
Signups for Juanderlust are open until November 15, 2015. Participants just need to visit www.travelbook.ph/juanderlust, fill out the application form, and submit a brief answer to the question “Why should you be the Chosen Juan?” in text and video format. The final winner will be announced on January 2, 2016. The journey begins on the second week of January and ends on the last week of March.

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StopSleepGo‬ CEO Nick Hargreaves (Right), TravelBook.ph CEO Hiro (Middle)

Juanderlust is the brainchild of  two accommodation booking sites, TravelBook.ph and StopSleepGo.

TravelBook.ph is a hotel booking site that began in 2010 as the largest online catalog of Philippine hotels and resorts. Since becoming an online hotel booking service in 2013, TravelBook.ph has  gained over 1,500 hotel and resort partners from all over the Philippines. The company’s aim is to help every Filipino travel more with value for money accommodations in every corner of the country.

StopSleepGo is an online vacation accommodation service, providing varied and unique places globally for the travelers' convenience. The company’s goal is to encourage people from all over the world to list and rent out their properties to travelers, helping locals earn extra income while providing travelers with accommodations for every occasion.

By the way, the estimated cost of the 80 days travel is worth Php 2.5 million plus a Php 100,000 cash prize! according to TravelBook.ph

What are you waiting for!? Start writing and tell "Why should you be the Chosen Juan?”

Juanderlust Mechanics: http://www.travelbook.ph/juanderlust/mechanics

For more detailed information, contact travelbook.ph below:
Official Website: http://www.travelbook.ph/
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Email: juanderlust@travelbook.ph
Mobile #: +63 (925)857-5782